Civil Engineering Subject Support

Jourals in the Area of Civil Engineering

  • American Association of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • ASCE is premier Society for Civil Engineers. Central Library is subscribing all the journals published by ASCE and available throughout the campus.

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  • Springerlink Journals
  • Springer is one of leading publisher, which publishes more than 2,900 journals and 200,000 books. Central Library is having access to journal collection for Engineering and Science & Technology.

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  • Science Direct Journals
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  • e-Books in Civil Engineering
  • Central Library is subscribing a fair number of e-books in the area of civil and construction engineering.

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  • Suggest a Book Purchase for Civil Engineering
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  • Sciencedirect Journals database
  • SCOPUS Database
  • Web of Science



  • IS/IRC Codes (Contact Library for More Details)
  • BIS Codes on CD-ROM (Contact Library for More Details)
  • ASTM Standards on CD-ROM (Contact Library for More Details)
  • British Standards

Gateways to Civil Engineering Resources

  • SciCentral - a gateway to online science resources and breaking research news
  • Scirus - a searchable gateway to science resources on the web

Learned Societies and other Organisations

  • ARCOM - free full-text documents to download from the Association of Researchers in Construction Management
  • CIRIA - free full-text documents to download from the Construction Industry Research & Information Association
  • Health & Safety Executive - free full-text reports to download from the HSE

Learning Resources