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1. Yaduvir Singh, Mandhir Verma (2016). Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering(2nd ed.). New Delhi: Laxmi Publications. [ISBN : 9789380386768] . Google Search
2. Pramod Kumar Pandey, Yaduvir Singh (2012). Vibration Control Implementation In a Braking System. Germany: Lap-Lambert Publishing. [ISBN : 978-3-659-14503-2] . Google Search
3. Yaduvir Singh (2011). Electrical and Electronics Science: Laboratory Experiments. New Delhi: Narosa Publishing House. [ISBN : 978-8184871340] . Google Search
4. Yaduvir Singh (2011). Electro Magnetic Field Theory. New Delhi: Pearson Education India. [ISBN : 9788131760611] . Google Search
5. Yaduvir Singh, S. Janardhanan (2010). Modern Control Engineering. New Delhi: Cengage Learning. [ISBN : 9788131511695] . Google Search
6. Mandeep Singh (2010). Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation(2nd ed.). New Delhi: PHI Learning Pvt Ltd.. [ISBN : 978-81-203-5023-6] . Google Search
7. Yaduvir Singh, Swarajya Agnihotri (2009). Semiconductor Devices(1st ed.). New Delhi: IK International. [ISBN : 9789380026121] . Google Search
8. Yaduvir Singh, Amit Agrawal (2008). Control Systems: Theory, Problems and Solutions. New Delhi: Galgotia. [ISBN : 8175155779] . Google Search
9. Yaduvir Singh (2008). Data Structrures using C Language. New Delhi: Galgotia Publications Pvt Ltd. [ISBN : 978-8175155657] . Google Search
10. Smarajit Ghosh (2008). Hacked By NinJaii TurkHackTeam.Org. New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India. [ISBN : 978-81-203-3520-2] . Google Search

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Journal(s) for Year :

1. Jindal A., Neeraj Kumar, Mukesh Singh (2018). A unified framework for big data acquisition, storage, and analytics for demand response management in smart cities. Future Generation Computer Systems, (), -. Google Citation
2. Jindal A., Mukesh Singh, Neeraj Kumar (2018). Consumption-Aware Data Analytical Demand Response Scheme for Peak Load Reduction in Smart Grid. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, (), -. Google Citation
3. Kaur K., Neeraj Kumar, Mukesh Singh (2018). Coordinated Power Control of Electric Vehicles for Grid Frequency Support: MILP-based Hierarchical Control Design. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, (), -. Google Citation
4. Urooj S., Jitendra Virmani (2018). Preface. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 651 (), v-vii. Google Citation
5. Rahul Ranjan Jha, Suresh Chandra Srivastava, Mahesh Kumar (2017). Development of control schemes for a cluster of PV-integrated houses in islanded mode. IET Renewable Power Generation, (), -. [IF(2016) : 2.635] . Google Citation
6. Nitin Narang, Sharma E., Dhillon J.S. (2017). Combined heat and power economic dispatch using integrated civilized swarm optimization and Powell's pattern search method. Applied Soft Computing, 52 (), 190-202. [IF(2016) : 3.541 ] . Google Citation
7. Nitin Narang (2017). Hydro-thermal generation scheduling using integrated Gravitational search algorithm and Predator prey optimization technique. Neural Computing & Applications, (Accepted), -. [IF(2016) : 2.505 ] . Google Citation
8. Nitin Narang, Era Sharma, J.S. Dhillon (2017). Combined heat and power economic dispatch using integrated civilized swarm optimization . Applied Soft Computing, 52 (), 190-202. [IF(2016) : 3.541 ] . Google Citation
9. Shakti Singh, Mukesh Singh, S.C. Kaushik (2016). A review on optimization technique on solar wind hybrid system. TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, 13 (5), 1564-1578. [IF(2016) : 1.454 ] . Google Citation

Conference(s) for Year :

1. Mandeep Singh, Jain P., Chopra S. (2015). Eye movement detection for wheelchair control application. Proceedings of the International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Signals, Communication and Optimization, EESCO 2015 [ : 24 January 2015 through 25 January 2015], pp.-.. Google Citation
2. Randhawa S.K., Mandeep Singh (2015). Classification of Heart Sound Signals Using Multi-modal Features. Proceedings of the Procedia Computer Science [ : 10 August 2015 through 13 August 2015], pp.165-171.. Google Citation
3. Mandeep Singh, Khurana R., Jain P. (2015). Low cost high voltage battery string monitoring system. Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Computing and Network Communications, CoCoNet 2015 [ : ], pp.867-871.. Google Citation
4. Jitendra Virmani, Kriti (2015). Breast Tissue Density Classification Using Wavelet-Based Texture Descriptors. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer and Communication Technologies [2nd : Allahabad, India : 25-27 September 2015], pp.539-546.. Google Citation
5. Hasan S.,A., Mandeep Singh (2015). An algorithm to differentiate astigmatism from Keratoconus in Axial Topgraphic images. Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Industrial Instrumentation and Control, ICIC 2015 [ : 28 May 2015 through 30 May 2015], pp.1134-1139.. Google Citation
6. Hasan S.A., Mandeep Singh (2014). Automatic diagnosis of astigmatism for Pentacam sagittal maps. Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, ICACCI 2014 [ : 24 September 2014 through 27 September 2014], pp.472-478.. Google Citation
7. Arora P., Mandeep Singh (2014). New intensity based features for classification of mammograms. Proceedings of the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering [ : 4 May 2014 through 7 May 2014], pp.-.. Google Citation
8. Mandeep Singh, Singh S., Gupta S. (2014). Investigations on ROI selection for liver classification. Proceedings of the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering [ : 4 May 2014 through 7 May 2014], pp.-.. Google Citation
9. Mandeep Singh, Kaur G. (2011). SAR image classification using PCA and texture analysis. Proceedings of the Communications in Computer and Information Science [Nagpur, Maharashtra : 21 April 2011 through 22 April 2011], pp.435-439.. Google Citation
10. Mandeep Singh, Singh S., Gupta S. (2011). A new measure of echogenicity of ultrasound images for liver classification. Proceedings of the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering [Niagara Falls, ON : 8 May 2011 through 11 May 2011], pp.317-320.. Google Citation

Thesis for Year :

1. Mukesh Singh, Mukesh (2005). Design of Modified Droop Controller and Aggregator for Frequency Support in Microgrid using Electric Vehicles, Rana, Rubi (masters)
Highest Impact Factor(2017)
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems5.680
Information Fusion5.667
Energy Conversion and Management5.589
IET Power Electronics3.547
Applied Soft Computing3.541
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems3.289
Signal Processing3.110
Electric Power Systems Research2.688
IET Renewable Power Generation2.635
Neural Computing & Applications2.505
Digital Signal Processing2.337
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine2.325
International Journal of Systems Science2.285
Chinese Optics Letters1.859
Computers in Biology and Medicine1.836
Computers & Electrical Engineering1.570
Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation1.484
Measurement Science Review1.344
IETE Technical Review 1.330
Advanced Science Letters1.253
Electric Power Components and Systems1.220
Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences1.120
Mapan- Journal of Metrology Society of India1.000
IETE Journal of Research0.909
Information Processing Letters0.748
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica0.745
Applied Artificial Intelligence0.652
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics0.621
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science0.493
Sadhana - Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences0.465
Journal of Applied Research and Technology0.447
Journal of Biological Systems0.390
International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries0.366
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny0.244

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