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1.Industrial and Commercial Training
2.Industrial Management & Data Systems
4.Information Management & Computer Security
5.Information Technology & People
6.Interlending & Document Supply
7.International Journal of Bank Marketing: For the financial s
8.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
9.International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Re
10.International Journal of Educational Management
11.International Journal of Emerging Markets
12.International Journal of Energy Sector Management
13.International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Resea
14.International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
15.International Journal of Logistics Management
16.International Journal of Managerial Finance
17.International Journal of Manpower
18.International Journal of Operations & Production Management
19.International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marke
20.International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics M
21.International Journal of Productivity & Performance Manageme
22.International Journal of Public Sector Management
23.International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
24.International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
25.International Journal of Service Industry Management
26.International Journal of Social Economics
27.International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
28.International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
29.International Journal of Wine Marketing, The
30.International Marketing Review
31.Internet Research