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1.Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal
2.Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
3.Aslib Proceedings: New Information Perspectives
4.Baltic Journal of Management
5.Benchmarking: An International Journal
6.British Food Journal
7.Business Process Management Journal
8.Campus-Wide Information Systems
9.Career Development International
10.Chinese Management Studies
11.Clinical Governance: An International Journal
12.Collection Building
13.Corporate Communications: An International Journal
14.Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business
15.Critical Perspectives on International Business
16.Cross Cultural Management
17.Development and Learning in Organisations: An International
18.Direct Marketing: An International Journal
19.Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal
20.Education + Training
21.Employee Relations: The International Journal
22.Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
23.Equal Opportunities International
24.European Business Review: Incorporating New European
25.European Journal of Innovation Management
26.European Journal of Marketing
29.Handbook of Business Strategy
30.Health Education
31.Human Resource Management International Digest
33.Industrial and Commercial Training
34.Industrial Management & Data Systems
36.Information Management & Computer Security
37.Information Technology & People
38.Interlending & Document Supply
39.International Journal of Bank Marketing: For the financial s
40.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
41.International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Re
42.International Journal of Educational Management
43.International Journal of Emerging Markets
44.International Journal of Energy Sector Management
45.International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Resea
46.International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
47.International Journal of Logistics Management
48.International Journal of Managerial Finance
49.International Journal of Manpower
50.International Journal of Operations & Production Management
51.International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marke
52.International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics M
53.International Journal of Productivity & Performance Manageme
54.International Journal of Public Sector Management
55.International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
56.International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
57.International Journal of Service Industry Management
58.International Journal of Social Economics
59.International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
60.International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
61.International Journal of Wine Marketing, The
62.International Marketing Review
63.Internet Research
64.Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change
65.Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
66.Journal of Business Strategy
67.Journal of Communication Management
68.Journal of Consumer Marketing
69.Journal of Corporate Real Estate
70.Journal of Documentation
71.Journal of Economic Studies
72.Journal of Educational Administration
73.Journal of Enterprise Information Management
74.Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in th
75.Journal of European Industrial Training
76.Journal of Facilities Management
77.Journal of Fashion Marketing Management
78.Journal of Financial Crime
79.Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
80.Journal of Health, Organisation and Management
81.Journal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting
82.Journal of Intellectual Capital
83.Journal of Investment Compliance
84.Journal of Knowledge Management
85.Journal of Management Development
86.Journal of Management History
87.Journal of Managerial Psychology
88.Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management
89.Journal of Modelling in Management
90.Journal of Money Laundering Control
91.Journal of Organizational Change Management
92.Journal of Product and Brand Management featuring Pricing St
93.Journal of Property Investment & Finance
94.Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
95.Journal of Risk Finance
96.Journal of Services Marketing
97.Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
98.Journal of Technology Management in China
99.Journal of Workplace Learning
100.Kybernetes: The International Journal of Systems & Cyberneti
101.Leadership & Organization Development Journal
102.Leadership in Health Services
103.Library Hi Tech
104.Library Hi Tech News
105.Library Management
106.Library Review
107.Management Decision
108.Management of Enviromental Quality: An International Journal
109.Management Research News
110.Managerial Auditing Journal
111.Managerial Finance
112.Managerial Law
113.Managing Service Quality
114.Marketing Intelligence & Planning
115.Measuring Business Excellence
116.Multicultural Education & Technology Journal
117.New Library World
118.Nutrition & Food Science
119.OCLC Systems & Services
120.On the Horizon
121.Online Information Review: The International Journal of Digi
122.Performance Measurement & Metrics
123.Personnel Review
124.Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and
125.Program: electronic library & information systems
126.Property Management
127.Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal
128.Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management
129.Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An Int
130.Quality Assurance in Education
131.Rapid Prototyping Journal
132.Records Management Journal
133.Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book Guide
134.Reference Services Review
135.Review of Accounting Finance
136.Society and Business Review
137.Strategic Direction
138.Strategy & Leadership
139.Structural Survey
140.Studies in Economics and Finance
141.Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
142.Team Performance Management
143.The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances
144.The Electronic Library
145.The Learning Organization: An International Journal
146.The TQM Magazine
147.Transforming Government: People, Process, Policy
149.Women in Management Review
150.Young Consumers