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IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials17.188
Coordination Chemistry Reviews13.324
IEEE Communications Magazine 10.435
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental9.446
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters9.353
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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews8.050
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Acta Materialia6.036
Journal of Membrane Science6.035
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology5.790
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems5.680
Information Fusion5.667
Bioresource Technology5.651
Journal of Cleaner Production5.651
Energy Conversion and Management5.589
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Composites Science and Technology4.873
Soil Biology & Biochemistry4.857
Journal of Organic Chemistry4.849
Information Sciences4.832
Carbohydrate Polymers4.811
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Cement and Concrete Research4.762
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Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing4.075
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