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Book Chapter(s) :

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Conference(s) :

1. A. K. Sharma, Rajendra Kumar Sharma, H. S. Kasana (2006). A Comparative Analysis of Feed-Forward and Feed-back Connectionist Algorithms Applied to Prediction of Lifetime 305-Day Milk Yield in Karan-Fries Dairy Cattle. Proceedings of the Proceedings of the International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (ICSCI-2006), [Hyderabad, India : January 04-08, 2006.], pp.622-626.. Google Citation
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Thesis :

1. Raina, K.K. (2006). Study of Phase Separated Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Composite Films(Doctoral)
2. Prakash, Chandra (2006). Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Lead Calcium Titanate Ceramics and Laser Ablated Thin Films(Doctoral)
3. Singh, T.P. (2006). Dynamics of Productivity in Indian Manufacturing(Doctoral)
4. Mittal, Susheel (2006). Investigations on Some Ionophore-based Chemical Sensors(Doctoral)
5. Singh, T.P. (2006). Productivity Enhancement in Engine Bearings Manufacturing Industry Through Integrated Work System and Job Design: the Ergonomic Perspective(Doctoral)
6. Sushil (2006). Managing Socio-Technical Change for Competitiveness in Indian Automobile Industry(Doctoral)
7. Sharda, H.B. (2006). Studies on Moderately Thick Composite Sector Plates(Doctoral)
8. Nayar, N.K. (2006). Studies in Techno Economic Aspects of Power Generation from Agriwaste in India(Doctoral)
9. Gangacharyulu D. (2006). Studies on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger Natural Convection(Doctoral)
10. Saxena, Rajiv (2006). Performance of Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform_x005F_x000D_ Classes in Signal Processing Applications(Doctoral)
11. Kothari, D.P. (2006). Stochastic Optimal Power Generation Scheduling(Doctoral)
12. Verma, Amitabh (2006). Condition Monitoring of Transformer Oil and Paper(Doctoral)
13. Kumar, Vineet (2006). Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit(Doctoral)
14. Vineet Kumar (2006). Modeling and Simulation of Poly (Lactic Acid) Polymerization(Doctoral)
15. Reddy, M. Sudhakara (2006). Isolation and Evaluation of Aluminium Tolerant Isolates of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi for Reclamation of Contaminated Soils(Doctoral)
16. Goyal, Dinesh (2006). Fly Ash as an Amendment Agent for Soil Fertility(Doctoral)

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OP Pandey269246
Rajinder Singh Kaler241235
Kuldeep Kumar Raina122122
Kulvir Singh122116
Rafat Siddique115109
Susheel Kumar Mittal11486
Rajendra Kumar Sharma10840
Neeraj Kumar10676
N.K. Verma104102
M Sudhakara Reddy9290
Rajesh Khanna8685
Bonamali Pal7372
Rajeev Mehta7254
Moushumi Ghosh7162
Saroj Kumar Mohapatra6840
Ajay Batish6057
Amit Kumar5846
Dinesh Goyal5748
Rajesh Kumar5326
Sanjai Saxena5132
Vijay Luxami5046
Inderveer Chana4845
Deepak Garg4627
Haripada Bhunia4340
Sanjay Sharma4240
Seema Bawa3932
Tarun Nanda3825
Amit K. Kohli3735
Manoj Kumar Sharma3734
Amjad Ali3632
Satwinder Singh Bhatia3635
Ravi Kiran3430
Pramod Kumar Bajpai3230
Anirban Bhattacharya3130
S.C. Saxena3030
Maninder Singh2828
Satnam Singh2827
N. Tejo Prakash2727
Soumen Basu 2515
Anil Kumar Verma2121
Gangacharyulu Dasaroju2116
Ranjana Prakash2121
Arvind Kumar Lal1817
Bhupendrakumar Chudasama1817
Gourav Singla1613
Harish Garg1613
Mandeep Singh1513
Vijaya Kumar Bulasara1510
Anil Kumar1412
Ashish Singla149
Naveen Kwatra 1313
R.M. Kothari1313
Ram Jiwari1312
Sanghamitra Barman1310
Shri Ram137
Niranjan Das1212
Sunil Kumar Singla1212
Abhijit Mukherjee1111
Deepak Gumber1111
Jai Prakash Kushwaha1110
Siddharth Sharma1111
H.N. Chandrawat 1010
Jaswinder Singh Saini109
Navdeep Kailey1010
Rajesh Kumar Gupta1010
Shruti Sharma109
V.P. Agrawal1010
Vishal Sharma109
Kapil Sood99
Piyush Verma91
Poonam Uniyal99
Raj Kumar Arya99
Rinkle Rani96
Yaduvir Singh90
Hem Dutt Joshi86
Manmohan Chhibber88
Manoj Baranwal87
Mukesh Singh85
Pradeep Kumar Gupta80
V. Ramamurthy88
Bhaskar Chandra Mohanty77
Dwarikanath Ratha 77
Karan Veer77
M.L. Gambhir76
Nitin Narang77
Rudra Rameshwar70
Akepati S. Reddy61
Ankit Mahindroo60
Anshu Singla66
Avinash Chandra64
Dwijendra Pratap Singh66
Ravinder Agarwal65
Smarajit Ghosh62
Urvinder Singh66
Ankush Kansal55
Anoop Verma55
Gaurav Goyal51
K. Santha Kumari54
Kalyan Kumar De51
Maneek Kumar51
Ridhi Arora51
S.S. Mallick55
Vinay Kumar54
Productive Years
Highest Impact Factor(2017)
JournalImpact Factor
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials17.188
Coordination Chemistry Reviews13.324
IEEE Communications Magazine 10.435
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental9.446
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters9.353
IEEE Wireless Communications8.972
Journal of Materials Chemistry A8.867
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces8.097
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews8.050
New Phytologist7.330
IEEE Network7.230
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics7.168
Water Research6.942
Journal of Catalysis6.844
Progress in Photovoltaics6.726
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology6.542
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences6.455
Journal of Power Sources6.395
Cancer Letters6.375
Chemical Communications6.319
Chemical Engineering Journal6.216
Environmental Science and Technology6.198
Plant Cell and Environment6.173
Journal of Hazardous Materials6.065
Acta Materialia6.036
Journal of Membrane Science6.035
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology5.790
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems5.680
Information Fusion5.667
Bioresource Technology5.651
Journal of Cleaner Production5.651
Energy Conversion and Management5.589
ACM Computing Surveys5.550
Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical5.401
IEEE Press5.125
Environmental Pollution5.099
Chinese Physics C5.084
Journal of Cleaner Production4.959
Analytica Chimica Acta4.950
Science of the Total Environment4.900
Composites Science and Technology4.873
Soil Biology & Biochemistry4.857
Journal of Organic Chemistry4.849
Information Sciences4.832
Carbohydrate Polymers4.811
Physics Letters B4.807
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells4.784
Cement and Concrete Research4.762
Composites Part B-Engineering4.727
Physical Review D4.568
Food Chemistry4.529
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry4.519
Biotechnology and Bioengineering4.481
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry4.421
Materials & Design4.364
Renewable Energy4.357
Applied Catalysis A-General4.339
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry4.293
Journal of CO2 Utilization4.292
Cement & Concrete Composites4.265
Scientific Reports4.259
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science4.233
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry4.218
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical4.211
Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications4.164
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Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing4.075
Crystal Growth and Design4.055
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Swarm and Evolutionary Computation3.893
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Composite Structures3.858
Industrial Crops and Products3.849
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