Library Collection

Print Collection

The Library has a total collection over one lakh printed volumes including general books, standards and theses & dissertations. Books are organized on open access shelves in various collections.

General Collection:

This is the largest collection of books in the library. Books for professional reading, research and supplementary texts are kept in this collection.

Reference Collection:

While most books are available for loan books in Reference Section, Theses & Dissertations, Periodicals and Standards can be consulted within the library. subject to copyright regulations reference material can be photocopied. Photocopy Service is available in the library.

Book Bank:

Students can also avail of Book Bank facility which is maintained with the grant from the Central and State Government. The facility is meant primarily for students of weaker sections allows lending of textbooks for the whole semester.

Light Reading Collection:

While the strength of collection lies in technical subjects, an impressive light reading (leisure, sports, fiction, self-development) collection is available for loan.

Course Material:

Course material in a large number of subjects, prepared by experts under the sponsorships of agencies such as All India Technical Education are very good help for studies. You may find these course materials in the General Books section. In due course, web based course ware will be made available online.

Competetion Books:

Central Library has stron collection of books for competetive examinations such as Civil Services, State Service Commission, GATE, GMAT, CAT.

Journals and Magazines:

Only journals with professional and research orientation are subscribed by the Central library. General magazines etc are mostly subscribed by hostel libraries. Library subscribes to several daily newspapers including on each in Hindi and Punjabi are subscribed by the regularly.

Electronic Collection

ETD Collection

Question Papers:

Kindly Note: Only Four Years Back Question Paper will be Available, Subject to Examination Branch has Submitted the Paper to the Library

Audio Visual Collection

The library has established access to a large number of online and CD-ROM based electronic information resources, such as bibliographic databases and electronic journals. Theses and dissertations submitted to the Institute in electronic format since 2003 are also now available online on DSpace server.