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Journal(s) :
1. Gourav Singla, Singh K., OP Pandey (2016) Study on single step solid state synthesis of WC@C nanocomposite and electrochemical stability of synthesized WC@C & Pt/WC@C for alcohol oxidation (methanol/ethanol). Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 665 Iss. pp. 186-196. [IF2015: 3.133 ]
2. Loveleen K. Brar, Gourav Singla, Navjot Kaur, OP Pandey (2015) Thermal stability and structural properties of Ta nanopowder synthesized via simultaneous reduction of Ta2O5 by hydrogen and carbon. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol. 119 Iss. 1 pp. 175-182. [IF2015: 1.953]
3. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2015) In-Situ Reduction/Carburization of WO3 in the Presence of Hydrocarbon. ECS Meeting Abstracts, Vol. MA2015-02 Iss. 1249 pp. 1249-1249
4. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2015) Effect of processing variables on WC nanoparticles synthesized by solvothermal route. Particulate Science and Technology, Vol. 33 Iss. 1 pp. 47-52. [IF2015: 0.784]
5. Mahajan M., Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2015) Synthesis of grape-like carbon nanospheres and their application as photocatalyst and electrocatalyst. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Vol. 232 Iss. pp. 108-117. [IF2015: 2.299 ]
6. Brar L.K., Gourav Singla, OP Pandey (2015) Evolution of structural and thermal properties of carbon-coated TaC nanopowder synthesized by single step reduction of Ta-ethoxide. RSC Advances, Vol. 5 Iss. 2 pp. 1406-1416. [IF2015: 3.108]
7. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2015) Synthesis of carbon coated tungsten carbide nano powder using hexane as carbon source and its structural, thermal and electrocatalytic properties. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 40 Iss. 16 pp. 5628-5637. [IF2015: 3.582 ]
8. Gourav Singla, Rajesh Khanna (2014) Modified CPW-fed rotated E-slot antenna for LTE/WiMAX applications. International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, Vol. 7 Iss. pp. -. [IF2015: 0.976 ]
9. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2014) Structural and thermal analysis of in situ synthesized C-WC nanocomposites. Ceramics International, Vol. 40 Iss. 4 pp. 5157-5164. [IF2015: 2.986]
10. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh (2014) Effect of TiO2 on the photocatalytic properties of bismuth oxide. Environmental Technology, Vol. 35 Iss. 12 pp. 1520-1524. [IF2015: 1.751 ]
11. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2013) Williamson-Hall study on synthesized nanocrystalline tungsten carbide (WC). Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing, Vol. 113 Iss. 1 pp. 237-242. [IF2015: 1.455 ]
12. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2013) Structural and thermal properties of in-situ reduced WO3 to W powder. Powder Technology, Vol. 237 Iss. pp. 9-13. [IF2015: 2.942 ]
13. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh (2013) Dielectric properties of Ti substituted Bi2-xTi xO3+x/2 ceramics. Ceramics International, Vol. 39 Iss. 2 pp. 1785-1792. [IF2015: 2.986]
14. Gourav Singla, Jha P.K., Gill J.K., Kulvir Singh (2012) Structural, thermal and electrical properties of Ti 4+ substituted Bi 2O 3 solid systems. Ceramics International, Vol. 38 Iss. 3 pp. 2065-2070. [IF2015: 2.986]
15. Jha P.K., Gill J.K., Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2012) Structural, thermal, and electrical properties of (100-x) ZrO 2 (x) Bi 2O 3 compound. Ionics, Vol. 18 Iss. 8 pp. 759-767. [IF2015: 2.062 ]
Conference(s) :
1. Gourav Singla, Kulvir Singh, OP Pandey (2013) Synthesis of nanocrystalline tungsten carbide (WC) powder. Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Trends in Applied Physics and Material Science [ : ], pp.31-32.

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JournalsImpact Factor
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy3.582
Journal of Alloys and Compounds3.133
RSC Advances3.108
Ceramics International2.986
Powder Technology2.942
Journal of Solid State Chemistry2.299
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry1.953
Environmental Technology1.751
Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing1.455
International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies0.976
Particulate Science and Technology0.784