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Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology
Patiala - 147004, Punjab

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Urvinder Singh
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering
Thapar University Patiala.

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Publications with Thapar University Affiliation by Urvinder Singh

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Journal Publication(s):
  1. Mittal N., Urvinder Singh, Salgotra R., Sohi B.S. (2017) A boolean spider monkey optimization based energy efficient clustering approach for WSNs. Wireless Networks, Vol. Iss. pp. 1-17
  2. Salgotra R., Urvinder Singh (2017) Application of mutation operators to flower pollination algorithm. Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 79 Iss. pp. 112-129. [IF2015: 3.928 ]
  3. Urvinder Singh, Salgotra R. (2016) Synthesis of linear antenna array using flower pollination algorithm. Neural Computing & Applications, Vol. Iss. pp. 1-11. [IF2015: 2.505 ]
  4. Urvinder Singh, Rohit Salgotra (2016) Optimal Synthesis of Linear Antenna Arrays Using Modified Spider Monkey Optimization. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Vol. 41 Iss. 8 pp. 2957-2973. [IF2015: 0.865 ]
  5. Nitin Mittal, Urvinder Singh, Balwinder Singh Sohi (2016) A stable energy efficient clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks. Wireless Networks, Vol. Iss. pp. 1-13. [IF2015: 1.584 ]
  6. Urvinder Singh, Salgotra R., Rattan M. (2016) A Novel Binary Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm for Thinning of Concentric Circular Antenna Arrays. IETE Journal of Research, Vol. Iss. pp. 1-9. [IF2015: 0.909 ]