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1. Jolly S., Garg R.K., Kaur K.J., Yadav K.R., Sharma R.K., R.M. Kothari (2001) Isolation of cellulose-rich elite clones of Dendrocalamus strictus. Indian Forester, Vol. 127 Iss. 7 pp. 763-769
2. Sharma R.K., Yadav K.R., Maheshwari V.L., R.M. Kothari (2000) Baggasse preservation: A need for a biotechnological approach. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, Vol. 20 Iss. 4 pp. 237-263. [IF2015: 6.542 ]
3. Rajor A., Sharma R.K., Maheshwari V.L., R.M. Kothari (2000) Bamboo metabolism by borers provides a clue to eco-friendly approach for their control. Indian Forester, Vol. 126 Iss. 8 pp. 838-841
4. Garg R.K., Sharma R.K., R.M. Kothari (1998) Some insight on the death of bamboo after flowering. Indian Forester, Vol. 124 Iss. 5 pp. 342-346
5. Puri M., Marwaha S.S., R.M. Kothari (1996) Studies on the applicability of alginate-entrapped naringinase for the debittering of kinnow juice. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, Vol. 18 Iss. 4 pp. 281-285. [IF2015: 2.502]
6. Sharma R.K., Shah N.K., R.M. Kothari (1996) Isolation of sorbitol-6-phosphate from hydrogenated tapioca starch hydrolysate. Starch-Starke, Vol. 48 Iss. 3 pp. 114-116. [IF2015: 1.837 ]
7. Rajor A., Sharma R.K., R.M. Kothari (1996) Bamboo borer dust as a rich source of glucose-1-phosphate. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol. 61 Iss. 3 pp. 315-319. [IF2015: 1.751 ]
8. Singh G., R.M. Kothari, Sharma R.K., V. Ramamurthy (1995) Enhancement of Spirulina biomass productivity by a protein hydrolysate. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol. 50 Iss. 3 pp. 285-290. [IF2015: 1.751 ]
9. Marwaha S.S., Puri M., Bhullar M.K., R.M. Kothari (1994) Optimization of parameters for hydrolysis of limonin for debittering of kinnow mandarin juice by Rhodococcus fascians. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, Vol. 16 Iss. 8 pp. 723-725. [IF2015: 2.502]
10. Rajor A., Garg R.P., Sharma R.K., R.M. Kothari (1994) Anaerobic recycling of prehydrolysate generated during the manufacture of rayon grade pulp. Technovation, Vol. 14 Iss. 8 pp. 549-557. [IF2015: 3.265]

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Critical Reviews in Biotechnology6.542
Resources Conservation and Recycling3.313
Enzyme and Microbial Technology2.502
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology1.751
Biotechnology Letters1.730