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Patiala, Punjab - 147004

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Pradeep Kumar Gupta
Assistant Professor, LM Thapar School of Management
Thapar University Patiala.

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Publications with Thapar University Affiliation by Pradeep Kumar Gupta

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Journal Publication(s):
  1. Pradeep Kumar Gupta (2012) Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): The Strategic Concepts for the Nuptials of Corporate Sector. Innovative Journal of Business and Management , Vol. 1 Iss. 4 pp. 60-68

Conference Publication(s):
  1. Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Shailendra Kumar (2012) Value Relevance Research: A Review. Proceedings of the National Conference on Changing Perspectives and Paradigms in Business & Behavioural Sciences [Patiala, India : ], pp.270-275.