Thapar University
Patiala, Punjab - 147004

Sanghamitra Barman
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
Thapar University Patiala.

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Publications with Thapar University Affiliation by Sanghamitra Barman

2016 (2)All

Journal Publication(s):
  1. Ruchika Thakur, Raj K. Gupta, Sanghamitra Barman (2016) A comparative study of catalytic performance of rare earth metal-modified beta zeolites for synthesis of cymene. Chemical Papers, Vol. Iss. pp. 1-12. [IF2015: 1.258 ]
  2. Thakur R., Sanghamitra Barman (2016) A comparative study on catalytic performance of modified nanocrystalline and microcrystalline zeolite X for synthesis of cumene by transalkylation of 1,4-diisopropylbenzene with benzene. Kinetics and Catalysis, Vol. 57 Iss. 5 pp. 592-601. [IF2015: 0.914 ]