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Journal(s) :
1. Sonali, Navdeep Kailey, Sharma V. (2016) On second order duality of minimax fractional programming with square root term involving generalized B-(p,r)-invex functions. Annals of Operations Research, Vol. 244 Iss. 2 pp. 603-617
2. Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey (2013) Second-order multiobjective symmetric duality involving cone-bonvex functions. Journal of Global Optimization, Vol. 55 Iss. 1 pp. 125-140. [IF2015: 1.733]
3. Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey (2012) Multiobjective second-order mixed symmetric duality with a square root term. Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 218 Iss. 14 pp. 7602-7613. [IF2015: 1.738 ]
4. Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey (2011) Nondifferentiable multiobjective second-order symmetric duality. Optimization Letters, Vol. 5 Iss. 1 pp. 125-139. [IF2015: 1.019]
5. Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey, Sharma M.K. (2011) Mond-Weir type nondifferentiable multiobjective second-order symmetric duality with cone constraints. International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research, Vol. 3 Iss. 4 pp. 414-430
6. Ahmad I., Agarwal R.P., Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey (2011) Generalized second-order mixed symmetric duality in nondifferentiable mathematical programming. Abstract and Applied Analysis, Vol. 2011 Iss. pp. -
7. Ahmad I., Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey, Agarwal R.P. (2011) Duality in nondifferentiable minimax fractional programming with B-(p, r)-invexity. Journal of Inequalities and Applications, Vol. 2011 Iss. pp. -. [IF2015: 0.791]
8. Navdeep Kailey, Gupta S.K., Dangar D. (2011) Mixed second-order multiobjective symmetric duality with cone constraints. Nonlinear Analysis-Real World Applications, Vol. 12 Iss. 6 pp. 3373-3383. [IF2015: 1.659 ]
9. S.K. Gupta, Navdeep Kailey (2010) A note on multiobjective second-order symmetric duality. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 201 Iss. 2 pp. 649-651. [IF2015: 3.297]
10. Gupta S.K., Navdeep Kailey, Sharma M.K. (2010) Higher-order (F, α, ρ, d)-convexity and symmetric duality in multiobjective programming. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, Vol. 60 Iss. 8 pp. 2373-2381. [IF2015: 1.531 ]

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European Journal of Operational Research3.297
Applied Mathematics and Computation1.738
Journal of Global Optimization1.733
Nonlinear Analysis-Real World Applications1.659
Computers & Mathematics with Applications1.531
Optimization Letters1.019
Journal of Inequalities and Applications0.791