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Associate Professor, School of Chemistry & Biochemistry , Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology

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Journal(s) :
1. Kaur M., Malhotra R., Amjad Ali (2018) Tungsten supported Ti/SiO2 nanoflowers as reusable heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production. Renewable Energy, Vol. 116 Iss. pp. 109-119
2. Kaur A., Prakash R., Amjad Ali (2018) 1H NMR assisted quantification of glycerol carbonate in the mixture of glycerol and glycerol carbonate. Talanta, Vol. 178 Iss. pp. 1001-1005
3. Malhotra R., Amjad Ali (2018) Lithium-doped ceria supported SBA?15 as mesoporous solid reusable and heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production via simultaneous esterification and transesterification of waste cottonseed oil. Renewable Energy, Vol. 119 Iss. pp. 32-44
4. Kumar D., Kim S.M., Amjad Ali (2016) Solvent-free one step aminolysis and alcoholysis of low-quality triglycerides using sodium modified CaO nanoparticles as a solid catalyst. RSC Advances, Vol. 6 Iss. 61 pp. 55800-55808. [IF2015: 3.108]
5. Kumar D., Abida K., Amjad Ali (2016) Aminolysis of triglycerides using nanocrystalline nickel doped CaO as an efficient solid catalyst. RSC Advances, Vol. 6 Iss. 71 pp. 66822-66832. [IF2015: 3.108]
6. Kumar D., Kuk H., Amjad Ali (2016) One-pot solvent-free synthesis of fatty acid alkanoamides from natural oil triglycerides using alkali metal doped CaO nanoparticles as heterogeneous catalyst. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol. 38 Iss. pp. 43-49. [IF2015: 4.421 ]
7. Kaur N., Amjad Ali (2015) Lithium zirconate as solid catalyst for simultaneous esterification and transesterification of low quality triglycerides. Applied Catalysis A-General, Vol. 489 Iss. pp. 193-202. [IF2015: 4.339 ]
8. Kaur N., Amjad Ali (2015) Biodiesel production via ethanolysis of jatropha oil using molybdenum impregnated calcium oxide as solid catalyst. RSC Advances, Vol. 5 Iss. 18 pp. 13285-13295. [IF2015: 3.108]
9. Katiyar M., Amjad Ali (2015) One-pot lipase entrapment within silica particles to prepare a stable and reusable biocatalyst for transesterification. JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists, Vol. 92 Iss. 5 pp. 623-632
10. Kumar D., Kim S.M., Amjad Ali (2015) One step synthesis of fatty acid diethanolamides and methyl esters from triglycerides using sodium doped calcium hydroxide as a nanocrystalline heterogeneous catalyst. New Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 39 Iss. 9 pp. 7097-7104. [IF2015: 3.269 ]
Conference(s) :
1. Kumar D., Amjad Ali (2012) Ti/SiO 2 as a nanosized solid catalyst for the epoxidation of fatty acid methyl esters and triglycerides. Proceedings of the Energy and Fuels [ : ], pp.2953-2961.

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New Journal of Chemistry3.269
Biomass & Bioenergy3.219
RSC Advances3.108
Energy & Fuels3.091
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology2.145
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology1.915
Journal of Chemical Sciences1.235
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Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination0.686
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