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Professor, Department of Biotechnology , Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology

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Publications with Thapar University Affiliation by Sanjai Saxena
Book(s) :
1. Sanjai Saxena. Applied Microbiology, . India: Springer, 2015. [ISBN : 9788132222590]
Book Chapter(s) :
1. Sanjai Saxena Volatile Organic Compounds from Fungi: Impact and Exploitation in Fungi Applications and Management Strategies edited by Sunil K. Deshmukh, J. K. Misra, Jalpa P. Tewari, Tamas Papp, UK, CRC Press, 2016. [ISBN : 978-1-4987-2491-3]
2. Sanjai Saxena, Charu Gomber Herbal Pharmacogenomics: Understanding mechanism in development of rational herbal products to overcome antibacterial drug resistance in Staphylococcus aureus in edited by Ashok K. Chauhan, Neeraj Verma, New Delhi, I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 2008. [ISBN : ]
3. Sanjai Saxena Combating multidrug resistance microbes: A burgeoning problem In Microbes & Human Health in Microbes for Human Life edited by Ashok Kumar Chauhan; Ajit Varma, Harsha Kharkwal, New Delhi, I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 2007. [ISBN : 9788189866051]
4. Charu Gomber, Sanjai Saxena, Anita Bansal In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility ofCallistemon rigidus leaf extracts against human pathogens by Agar Well Diffusion Assay in Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable Development edited by , , Allied Publishers, 2004. [ISBN : 81-7764-669-9]
5. Sanjai Saxena, A.K. Pandey, R.C. Rajak Potential of an Idiolite from Alternaria alternata As a Biorational Agrochemical in Frontiers in Fungal Biotechnology and Plant Pathogen Relations edited by C. Manoharachary, G. Bagyanarayana, B. Bhadraiah, K. Satyaprasad, New Delhi, Allied Publishers, 2000. [ISBN : 978-8177641332]
Journal(s) :
1. Birinderjit Singh, Sanjai Saxena, Vineet Meshram, Maneek Kumar (2016) ): First report ofBotryosphaeria species as a pathogen on Water hyacinth in Harike wetland, India. Journal of Biopesticides , Vol. 9 Iss. 2 pp. 180-188
2. Vineet Meshram, Sanjai Saxena, Karan Paul, Mahiti Gupta, Neha Kapoor (2016) Production, purification and characterization of a potential fibrinolytic protease from endophytic Xylaria curta by solid substrate fermentation. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol. Iss. pp. -. [IF2015: 1.751 ]
3. Renu Narain, Sanjai Saxena, Achal Goyal (2016) Cardiovascular Risk Prediction: A Comparative study of Framingham and Quantum Neural Network based approach. Patient Preference and Adherence, Vol. 10 Iss. pp. 1259-1270. [IF2015: 1.798 ]
4. Vineet Meshram, Sanjai Saxena (2016) Fibrinolytic potential of endophytic Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae from Western Ghats of India. 3 Biotech, Vol. 6 Iss. 1 pp. 1-9. [IF2015: 1.497]
5. Vineet Meshram, Sanjai Saxena (2016) Endophytic Fusarium species from Western Ghats of India and their fibrinolytic properties. Sydowia, Vol. 68 Iss. pp. 119-130. [IF2015: 0.896 ]
6. Alka Sharma, Vijay Luxami, Sanjai Saxena, Kamaldeep Paul (2016) Benzimidazole Based Quinazolines In Vitro Evaluation, Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship, and Molecular Modeling as Aurora Kinase Inhibitors. Archiv der Pharmazie, Vol. 349 Iss. 3 pp. 193-201. [IF2015: 1.994 ]
7. Kapoor N., Sanjai Saxena (2016) Xanthine oxidase inhibitory and antioxidant potential of Indian Muscodor species. 3 Biotech, Vol. 6 Iss. 2 pp. -. [IF2015: 1.497]
8. Singh B., Sanjai Saxena, Meshram V., Kumar M. (2016) Mycoherbicidal potential of phaeoacremonium italicum, a new pathogen of Eichhornia crassipes infesting harike wetland, India. Mycobiology, Vol. 44 Iss. 2 pp. 85-92
9. Meshram V., Kapoor N., Sanjai Saxena (2016) Endophytic fusarium isolates from aegle marmelos in western ghats of India and their fibrinolytic ability. Sydowia, Vol. 68 Iss. pp. 119-130. [IF2015: 0.896 ]
10. Meshram V., Sanjai Saxena, Paul K., Gupta M., Kapoor N. (2016) Production, Purification and Characterisation of a Potential Fibrinolytic Protease from Endophytic Xylaria curta by Solid Substrate Fermentation. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol. Iss. pp. 1-17. [IF2015: 1.751 ]

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Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry4.293
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Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology1.751
3 Biotech1.497
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