Thesis Submission

  • To submit your PhD Thesis / Master Thesis / Project Report on Thapar University Digital Repository (TuDR), Please follow the following instructions.

    • Preparation of the Thesis
    • To Prepare your thesis follow the standard template of the Thesis Preparation adopted by the Insitute. The template can be obtained from the Office of Dean RSP.

    • Thesis Submission to TuDR
    • The Thesis report can be submitted to TuDR through the "SUPERVISOR" Login only. In case your supoervisor do not have login account, please request him/her to create his/her account over TuDR.

      To create an account on TuDR

      • Go to http://www.tudr.thapar.edu:8080/jspui
      • Click 'Sign on to' available at Top Right Corner to Sign in "My Dspace"
      • On Login Window, Since You do not have TuDR Account, Click Left Corner Box "New User, Click Here to Register"
      • Please Enter Your Email ID and Click "Register" to Create Your Account.
      • Please Check Your Email ID for the Password Generation Steps. Once the password is generated, inform library about the 'AUTHORIZATION" of Your account to a Department for submission of the thesis. Send an Email to dspace@thapar.edu (Ms Archana Nanda Ext No 3517), Mention your department name for authorization
      • Once You Authorized, You will be able to submit thesis to respective department. Step up to login with your account

    • Thesis Report Submission Steps:
      • Click 'Sign on to' available at Top Right Corner to Sign in "My Dspace"
      • Enter Your Email and Password and Submit
      • You will be Prompted Department in which you can submit
      • Download Submission Steps Here.

    • After Submission Steps
      • Check Your Email for Successful Submission Confirmation
      • Take a Print of the Email
      • Submit Copyright / Archieve Request Form (Download Here)
      • Copyright / Archieve Request Form Must be Signed by the Submitter

    Ms Archana Nanda
    Information Scientist
    Email: dspace@thapar.edu; ananda@thapar.edu
    Ext: 3517